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Sunday april 12th, 2015, second sunday of Easter and divine mercy sunday, Mgr David Macaire, appointed archbishop of Saint Pierre and Fort-de-France on march 7th, 2015, has received episcopal consecration before 20 000 faithfuls, 87 priests and deacons, and 670 altar servants, all assembled in Pierre Aliker stadium, in Fort-de-France, transformed this day in a huge cathedral. Father Jean-Michel, 104 years, dean of the presbyterium, and in whom Mgr. Macaire recognizes his spiritual father, was present. Main consecrators were  Cardinal Chibly Langlois, archbishop of Cayes (Haïti), Mgr Michel Méranville, former archbishop of Martinique, and Mgr Marc Aillet, bishop of Bayonne (France). Other present bishops were : Cardinal Kevin Félix, former arcbishop of Castries (Sainte-Lucie), Mgr Nicola Girasoli, apostolic nonce, Mgr Patrick Pinder, archbishop of Nassau (Bahamas), Mgr Robert Rivas, archbishop of Sainte-Lucie, Mgr Malzaire (bishop of Dominica), Mgr Robert Le Gall, archbishop of Toulouse (France), Mgr Benoît Rivière, bishop of Autun (France), Mgr Gabriel Malzaire, bishop of Dominica, Mgr Jean-Yves Riocreux, bishop of Guadeloupe, and Mgr Emmanuel Lafont, bishop of Guyane. Mgr Macaire is 46 years old, which makes him the youngest bishop of the Caribean and of France.
1. Consecration
Introducing the ceremony, Mgr Girasoli, apostolic nonce, thanked Mgr Méranville for his eleven years as archbishop of Martinique and asked him to continue to spiritually support the diocese. The nonce then thanked Mgr Macaire for having accepted to be the new archbishop of Martinique.  He recommended him to form a unique body with his priests and his diocesans, leaving no one on the side of the road. In the catholic church, there are no friends, only brothers and sisters, he said . The nonce added : « You are a son of Martinique, this paradise, and we count on your young age, your enthusiam and your courage ». 

In his homily, Cardinal Langlois recalled that the episcopal position is not a matter of promotion or honor but a service. Episcopal position is a call from the Lord to communicate to all peace,  joy, forgiveness and mercy.  The new bishop will have to show the Lord to the most unbelieving persons so that they confess Him as the only real God. It is necessary to love our fellow men, to cast nets, to spread the Gospel, and, in the moments of discouragement and anxiety, to hear « My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness » (2 Corinthians 12:9).  The cardinal asked the new bishop to root his entire action in prayer and adoration where we find the strength for today and the boldness for tomorrow. « All this can be hard to carry wear but you will be the aggregated to the episcopal college and to the care of the universal Church and you can count on the episcopal solidarity and the prayer of the Church who will help you to be well anchored in humility and wisdom ».

After the liturgy of the word, came the episcopal consecration itself : the Veni Creator hymn was sung and then the litany of the saints while the bishop-elect prostrated himself and the rest kneeled at their places ; the principal consecrator layed his hands upon the head of the bishop-elect and, after him, all the other bishops present did the same ; the principal consecrator placed the open Book of the Gospels upon the head of the bishop-elect while two deacons were standing at either side of the bishop-elect, holding the Book of the Gospels above his head until the prayer of consecration was completed ; the cardinal took the chrism and anointed the head of the bishop-elect, who kneeled before him, saying : « God has brought you to share the high priesthood of Christ.  May he pour out on you the oil of mystical anointing and enrich you with spiritual blessings ». The Cardinal then placed the ring on the ring finger of the new bishop's right hand, saying « Take this ring, the seal of your fidelity.  With faith and love protect the bride of God, his holy Church ». He then placed the miter on the head of the new bishop. Lastly he gave the pastoral staff to the bishop, and said : « Take this staff as a sign of your pastoral office: keep watch over the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit has appointed you to shepherd the Church of God ». Cardinal Langlois invited new archbishop Macaire to occupy the bishop's chair. Mgr Macaire then received the kiss of peace from cardinal Langlois, the other bishops and the priests and deacons present.

The liturgy of eucharist followed. After the hymn of thanksgiving and blessing, the new archbishop addressed the people. Mgr Macaire expressed his gratitude to Virgin Mary, mother of mercy, then to Cardinal Langlois (« With you it is our older sister Haïti who leans upon us, as does pope Francis who created you cardinal in sign of its care for the Church of the Antilles »), to Cardinal Felix (who welcomed Mgr Macaire when he visited Saint Lucia with young people), to Mgr Méranville (Mgr Macaire told him : « look at the Church of Martinique, see how she is beautiful and radiant « ), to Mgr Girasoli (to whom he asked to tell Pope Francis : « we love you and we wait for your visit in Martinique »), to bishops Pinder, Rivas et Malzaire, to bishops Aillet, Rivière et Le Gall (to whom he said « a personal link unites me to the Church of France where I spent my last twenty one years), to Mgr Riocreux (Guadeloupe) et Mgr Lafond (Guyane) (to whom he said « You are my brothers bishops between all because our cities and our peoples are brothers between all »), to civil and administrative authorities. To the faithful, he asked : «And you, people of Martinique, are you ready to leave for mission ? » To the priests, the new archbishop said how much Jesus loves them and how much the Church is « proud of you and your work » as of the work of the members of all religious orders, of the nuns, the young people, and the families.

2. Archbishop Macaire
Archbishop David Macaire has been appointed Archbishop of Fort-de-France by Pope Francis. He succeeds Bishop Gilbert Marie Gilbert Marie Michel Méranville, Archbishop of Fort-de-France since 2004, having reached the age limit.
Mgr Macaire was born in Nanterre (France) in 1969 and returned with his parents to Martinique when he was 3 months old. He grew up in the parish of Morne-Rouge (Martinique), in the shadow of Our Lady of Deliverance entrusted to the Dominicans.
David entered the novitiate of the Dominicans in Marseille in 1994, was professed in 1995 and has studied philosophy and theology at Toulouse and Bordeaux. He was ordained priest in 2001.
Between 2001 and 2011, he was the Master of Student brothers at the convent of Bordeaux (France) then Prior of the Convent of Bordeaux (France). Just being appointed archbishop, he was prior of the Convent of Sainte-Baume (France).
He was High School Chaplain, he had an apostolate in the street, and led gospel groups. Talented orator, he was called to preach everywhere. A Masters in Theology, he wrote, among other things, a book on Sainte Marie-Maedeleine.

3. Diocese of Martinique
The diocese of Martinique has a population of 390 371 inhabitants, among whom 312 296 are catholic. The diocese of Martinique has 47 parishes, 54 priests, 12 deacons and 151 religious. The diocese of Martinique belongs to the Caribean Episcopal Conference whichs comprises  four provinces : province of Kingston (4 dioceses), province of Port-of-Spain (6 dioceses), province of Castries (4 dioceses), province of French Antilles-Guyane (3 dioceses), province of Nassau (2 dioceses).

The diocese of Martinique was created in 1850 and was set up in archdiocese in 1967, the dioceses of Guadeloupe and Guyane being suffragan dioceses since this date.

Mgr. Macaire is the twelfth bishop of Martinique after Mgr Jean-François-Etienne Le Leherpeur (1851-1858), Mgr Louis Martin Porchez (1858-1860), vacance (1860-1871), Mgr Joseph Fava (1871-1875), Mgr Julien Pierre Carméné (1875-1897), Mgr Joseph Etienne Frédéric Tanoux (1898-1899), Mgr Marie-Charles Alfred de Cormont (1899-1911), Mgr Joseph Mallère (1912-1914), and Mgr Paul Louis Joseph Lequien (1915-1941).

Mgr. Macaire is the fourth archbishop of Martinique after Mgr Henri Varin de La Brunelière (1941-1972), Mgr Maurice Marie-Sainte (1972-2004), and Mgr Michel Méranville (2004-2015).

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